We are more than slightly ashamed
Inspired by peytonwynn15

Inspired by peytonwynn15

Thanks to letsgetlost-tonight
You steal pix off other tumblr bloggers' pages. Lame. Tired. Desperate. Will NEVER Follow or respect this blog.

Our process, if you can call it that, is very simple. Sometimes we reblog photos from other blogs, but most of the photos come from all over the Internet, mainly from searching on different search engines or photo indexes. Admittedly we don’t search tumblr to see if a photo we’ve found elsewhere has been posted on tumblr before, so overlap is inevitable. If this was a tumblr about a specific person or a group of persons we could keep up with the tracked tags, but with so many persons posted, it’s quite impossible to keep up with what has been posted before or not.

The only thing we do is check so that the photo on the search engine doesn’t come directly from a tumblr, because then we’d rather reblog of course.